Chapters- Consciousness

  1. Is Consciousness Singular or Dual in nature?


i.        Fundamental building block of Cosmos

In 1825 ,Physicist, Michael Faraday discovered that the fundamental building blocks of nature are much more nebulous and abstract, they are fluid like substances which are just spread throughout the entire universe and ripple in strange and interesting ways. That’s the fundamental reality we live in these fluid like substance we call them Fields, It has particular value at every point in the space and that value can change in time. This finding was not new to the ancient text of Buddhism, Vedantsaara or Islamic Ancient text who proclaimed presence of primordial form of energy pervading eternally in the Cosmos. This sublet energy, what science is calling as Wave Field Energy , Ancient called it Consciousness, pervading in every sentient being. It is now accepted as a fundamental building block of Cosmos!


ii.      Causality loop – Law of action and reaction!

The phenomenon of this cosmos depends upon the casualty loop One of the energies which goes, come back, Physical laws are fine tuned by this cause of Causality loop…. That is the cause-and-effect which is bounded by this law. This world is nothing but the elaboration of this law. It covers everything- joy, sorrow and different personalities

…. love, hate, good, bad . Even …. It explains miracles and grace. It explains that what goes, comes back, everything acts and reacts.

Everything is in constant motion . It is not some deluded idea of fixed society but It is that law which brings order to the chaos. The consequences of our actions change the directions of our time.

Everything will work according to the reasons it has already been placed .You are the result of that accumulated energy you have created for yourself.


iii.    Hard Problem of consciousness

For thousands of years, human beings have been exploring the fundamental nature of the world and the self. In this process, modern science and ancient philosophies do not differ in conceiving the physical body as a mind, also as a material. But now the question is to be asked that so-called matter is not sentient, it cannot be aware or conscious, and how does matter suddenly become conscious/aware/sentient being? For this reason, consciousness studies have become very important in the last two to three decades and it has opened up. These studies are now turned out to be multidisciplinary by the interest of brain scientists, neuroscientists, psychologists, philosophers of mind, language, physicists, computer scientists, Artificial Intelligence. A lot of work has been done in this field of science to address what is this subjective conscious experience which a human being has internally. Consciousness studies are not new in ancient philosophies , about two to three thousand years ago texts called Upanishads which are originated from Vedas are clearly stating about consciousness and its nature. In


Book of Lainika, the nature of consciousness is unveiled . Its secrets encompasses the standpoint of modern science on the subject of consciousness which are an attempt to answer the so-called hard problem of consciousness from combined studies of the Advaita Vedanta , western Philosopher David Chalmers and Sir Robert Penrose, [ Nobel prize 2020.]



iv.Post-Humanism and Trans-Humanism

The discipline of Existential Post-Humanism as a path of self enquiry. This involves the ontological understanding of being not only as an individual but also as a species on this planet,

in connection with other species, also with technology, ecology and humanity. The layers of interconnection with other biotechnical organs and beyond. In this 21th century we should think of -Who We are?. We must ask the question of our existence on this planet and in this Cosmos.

We must take a look at our ancestors, on the giant shoulders we are standing, we need to be completely aware of the fact that we are not separate from the rest of the planet and cosmos .We can rely on the texts coming from past. Those people were brave and generous enough to share their knowledge with us and now it is our time to think and to be generous, Who we are right Now ? In this specific special temporal era we need to bring our voices out in order to know what needs to be changed because anyway everything is constantly changing . And also, of course it’s important to bring our voices, dreams and messages to the future because we are the result of the dreams of past, it was created by people coming before us and now it is our time to build the future for coming generations.




v.      Frequencies and Vibrations.

Vibrations and frequencies are the very bedrock of this universe from the smallest atom to vast galaxy, we can observe vibrations and


frequencies. The phenomenon of electrons whirling around the protons and neutrons. At the centre of everything, it’s just a mass of vibration and the universe is made up of these atoms and molecules and inside these atoms there is something called quarks which are also vibrating. What are these vibrations? In a kind of coherence, this coherence is due to the fundamental law of physics. This fundamental law of universe is Universal followed by the lowest form of physical entity to the largest entity in the Cosmos. The reality which we can perceive with our physical eyes and also from the mechanical processes are nothing but the series of these vibrations . Whatever is in the smallest is also in the vastness….. This idea of physical world around us which looks so solid, so real, so trustworthy, Immutable is actually nothing but based upon the non physical things like quarks and strings which are vibrating in the

certain form that gives us the illusion of physical world around us . So we can say that it is you who is also made up of same atoms which are vibrating and radiating at a different level, at a different frequency. When you look the nature around, you have many more forms of energies in the form of trees and  plants. You  effect these and their vibrations effect yours. We are acting and reacting on each other on a very subtle level.






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Chapter 1


  1. Consciousness Singular or Dual in nature

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The illustrations

The illustrations from Book of Lainika are conventionally divide most of the manuscript into different sections,. Each section is typified by illustrations with different styles and supposed subject matter The following are the sections and their conventional names:

  • Herbal, folios: Each page displays one or two plants and a few paragraphs of text, a format typical of ethereal herbs. Some parts of these drawings are larger and cleaner copies of sketches seen in the “pharmaceutical” section. None of the plants depicted are unambiguous
Book Of Lainika, Type iv civilization

Book Of Lainika, Type iv civilization


microbes 0.7 Book Of Lainika, Type iv civilization

Astronomical, folios: Contains circular diagrams suggestive

of astronomy or astrology, some of them with suns, moons and stars.

One series depicts conventional symbols for

the zodiacal constellations. Many of them are physics equation which are currently in usage .


Map of Lainika, interplaneteryhighway of lainika

Cosmological, folios: More Circular diagrams, they are of an obscure nature, and contains a maps or diagrams, islands or mountains as well as what might be a volcano.


                                                                                            ‘Conformal Cyclic Cosmology’

Book of Lainika, Type iv civilization

Chapter:  Cosmology

page      :  0.1    Watercolour , drawing and script  on paper, 100 x 70 cm


1500 bceRig Veda text mention the cycle of creation and destruction.  the universe  undergo repeated cycles of creation and destruction which is called as ‘Pralaya’  . Scriptures mentions the  view of the Cosmos is as eternal and cyclic , asserts that the universe is created, destroyed, and re-created in an eternally repetitive series of cycles  ,also of  Sir Roger Penrose confirms that   the universe did not start with the Big Bang…There  was actually a universe already existing before it and the Big Bang was merely the end of that universe, He added that evidence of that previous universe can still be observed today  this  postulates that the universe goes through infinite cycles where Big Bang is the birth of a new universe.



      Fossil folios:

    signs of  early life

many monochromatic drawings of fossil studies give us the hints on the living creatures and DNA studies, microbes and  some folios contain only text, and at least 28 folios are missing from the  manuscript

fossil study 0.3

fossil study 0.4

Golden blood line1 [DNA of amphibian creature of Lainika ],


Golden blood line2 [DNA of amphibian creature of Lainika ],