Book of lainika

Introduction – Grounds of our Reality            

Book of Lainika  is about  dismantling existing  depressive homogeneous temporalities and building  new timelines to develop and  synthesize  harmonious alternative realities. We are venturing towards the journey of inventing  new mental places of  experience and consciousness, new  evolution  is about to  be carved out from the torted shell of inaccuracy of the bygone era , new system is to be sculpted with new knowledge. Today’s technologies are  blurring  the boundaries of fiction and realities and collective approach of artist, curator, scientist, historian, philosopher, and narratives are expanding on their  levels of multi- discourses. In this day and age, humanity is unveiling the  secrets of  ever prevailing, ever existing fundamental realities of nature and  recognizing  the hidden power of subtle energies. We are weaving  the threads of past, present and future in order to make a new fabrication of reality which can take us to the euphoric lands. Future is playing in the cradles of present. Now is the  time to evolve as an awakened conscious being. Time is calling upon Us , not as a species of this planet but as awakened  Consciousness of the Cosmos .

In  past all  ancient civilizations- Egyptian, Maya, Indian, Islamic or Christianity, had tried to harmonize themselves with the subtle  energies of Cosmos in some mystical ways but today Science allows us to harness those  energies through the power of  advanced technologies. We are opening the portals of higher dimensions, black holes, worm holes and multiverses. Deep future is looking at us as a pioneers of Cosmic citizens. The forefathers of  the New World who are  brave enough to leave the safe boundaries of limited Space and venture into the deep Time Zones . We are the Fore-bearers of  Deep Future  with the illuminated present, evolving as the cosmic species of higher  and deeper realities  with the power of  Science and Consciousness! Present is pregnant with the seed of future, is carrying the possibilities of impossibilities to give birth to the new matrix of realities .The Deepest Future is within us! Our Consciousness is that coded matrix which will dissolve Us, the sentient being, into the ever prevailing Existence! We are the way for the  future  creating itself. We are the way for the Cosmos to know itself ! We are the Deep Future! Evolution of consciousness from the lowest  level to the highest level will take humans into post- humanist era of  Cosmic Society which will bring equilibrium to the new world . Humanity will usher into a promising  era of illuminated trans-human consciousness that could see beyond cast, culture, race and religion and even known planetary system, tomorrow, Science will be new religion and  Cosmos will be  our new home.

“Book of Lainika” is a tribute to all those Highest intellectual minds who lived on this planet. It is a tribute to their knowledge and wisdom which they passed from generation to generation…………………………………………………… it is a

primordial form of energy which is talking about vibrations, frequencies, wave field realities, and magnetic field energies which are the fundamental building blocks of our Cosmos. These energies can open the portals of our evolution and more than ever before, today, we need to understand  the ways of resonating with them so that we can usher into the new age of Human era, more than ever, we need them to get harmony in the society as an ecological balance, the more we understand them the more we get to know about the evolution . We are standing at the gates of the highest technological age of human society. Today we are ready to leave our planet and

explore the cosmos. We are going beyond the limits of our Galaxy, but still we are just a puny speck in this vast cosmos, we need to bring the threads of past, present and future to weave them together in order to make a new fabrication of truth which can take us to the new horizons beyond the capacities we could have ever thought of. Book of Lainika is the same thread which I am trying to weave by collecting the data from ancient past to the modern scientific experiments in quantum physics. It is trying to open the portals of higher dimensions from the studies of Scientists , Physicists , Mathematicians like Einstein, Sir Robert Penrose, Michael Faraday, Michio Kaku, Brian Green, Carl Sagan , David Chalmers. These are a few names which are leading human society to the far away boundaries of this cosmos. The more I read about their researches, thoughts and experiments, the more I get convinced that these ancient scriptures are mirroring into modern science, only the expression of the language is different but the conclusive reality remains the same .

Artist’s Note

My father is a Gemolologist and my grandfather was the philosopher in Ancient Indian and Islamic text. They involved my tender mind in debates and of life’s deeper philosophies and enduring questions of our existence. These epoch-making events were the part of our causal evening talks. I have witnessed such exciting arguments and exchange of ideas of modern science and ancient wisdom and often wonder

that- is there any meeting grounds for both of them?


As the time passes, I started building my own world which has its own laws of physics based on the observation of scientific world around me and also of poetic observation of Vedantsaara .This practice took full expression when I applied for MFA degree with synopsis under the topic of ” Interaction between Art and Science” , my core interest from this project was to logically find out- What is the True Nature of Reality and What is the role of Consciousness? During this research I have observed that in many ways modern science and

ancient knowledge are a kind of reflection of each other. I followed the experiments done by Large Hadron Collider  and text of Vedantsaara  my observation was that they both are enquiring about the same subject, Our Existence, just the means and expressions are different. They both conclude that we are made up of tiny elements called Strings which vibrate to produce different atoms.

Once I discovered the common ground of eastern and western knowledge, my haunting desire to mingle the philosophy of my grandfather and modern logics of my father, I started building a new world naming it as “Lainika” –

As this manuscript is voicing the otherworldly realm, the known languages of human civilizations are not sufficient enough for this new verisimilitude, thus, I constructed a new language- naming it as “Lavnik”


The Book of Lainika is an illustrated codex hand-written in an otherwise unknown writing system, referred to as Lavnik.

The paper on which it is written has been carbon-dated to c1500- c500BCE , is the early [earthly] Iron age. Stylistic analysis indicates it may have been the origins and purpose of the manuscript are to reveal the deep truths of our Cosmos. Various hypotheses have been suggested, including it as an otherwise recorded script for a natural  language or constructed language; of highly advanced civilization

code, cipher, or other form of cryptography, which talks about

the residents of this system who are of level IV consciousness which means that they can control and harness the energies of the surrounding planets, galaxies and other cosmic events. They can manipulate the time, space and energies and have an access to the higher dimensions.

The manuscript currently consists of around 105 pages, but there are speculations that additional pages are missing. Some pages are foldable sheets of varying sizes. Most of the pages have fantastic illustrations or diagrams, some crudely coloured, with sections of the manuscript showing creatures, plants ,fossils symbols, laws of Quantum Physics, maps etc. The text is written from right to left . The manuscript , Book of Lainika, has been held in private collection, Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

The Book of Lainika has been studied by many professional and amateur cryptographers, including American and British code breakers and many hypotheses proposed over the last many years have been independently verified. The mystery of its meaning and origin has excited the popular imagination, making it the subject of study and speculation.

450 million light years away from our Solar System there is a another planetary system, Lainika , all the great knowledge and secrets of the cosmos can be unveiled from this manuscript, through the ontological records of evolution of species- from the lowest level consciousness to the highest level of consciousness.


Various transcription alphabets have been created from Latin characters to equate Lainika characters and help cryptanalysis, such as the Extensible (originally) European Lavnik alphabet. The first major one was created by the “Combined Sciences Group”, led by cryptographer/ Artist D.Priyanka Bajaj in 2016 , where each line of the manuscript was transcribed to BrE or UK English.

Collecting data from 5000 years old ancient Indian scriptures and

also from the discoveries of modern science coming from NASA and CERN, it is a manuscript of collective archival data of past and present, weaving them together. Here D.Priyanka is proposing to coin a new term – Unified Theory of Combined Sciences – UTCS- standing on the bridge of time zone where past and future are diluting into one another. During the process, she has observed that book of Lainika is intensely poetic in their expression and complementing to modern science in its wisdom. They both are enquiring the same Nature of Reality, asking the same deep questions of Our existence and coming up with the same echoing answers .

[footnote; The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization‘s level

of technological advancement based on the amount of energy it is able to use. The measure was proposed by Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev in 1964.

  • Type I This is most basic civilization, one that is capable of manipulating objects bigger than themselves by building structures, digging tunnels
  • Type II- This is a low-level advanced civilization that knows how to manipulate not just planetary objects, but also their own
  • Type III- This civilization not only understands genetic engineering, but can tinker with molecules and molecular bonds to create new
  • Type IV- This civilization can go on to manipulate individual atoms, creating technologies that work on the atomic scale to create complex forms of artificial life.
  • Type V- This civilization could penetrate even inside the atom and manipulate the subatomic particles, e.g., electrons, protons, and

they would be powerful enough to manipulate even the most fundamental particles of matter quarks and leptons. This is the most sophisticated civilization in this classification, which could alter the structure of space and time itself.

What are the sources of Ontological studies and Epistemology for this manuscript ?

There are 6 ontological and epistemology sources of Book of Lainika –

  1. 1.CERN The European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, is a European research organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. Established in 1954.
  2. 2 .Vedantsaara and Upanishad – 5000 year old ancient text. 3 . Theoretical physics and String Theory.
  3. Cognitive
  4. Consciousness
  5. 6 Perception and Analogical Reasoning.


Four Preliminaries for Book of Lainika

  1. Aspirant Student and Seeker of Greater Truths.
  2. Subject Matter – Evolution of human species – Trans-humanism and consciousness.
  3. Purpose – Existential post humanism – what are the ways of existing and evolving as human species and as a consciousness being .
  4. Relationship between Text and proposes to


Book of Lainika is a blueprint of Reality. It promises to give solutions to the problems of mankind and will take us from lower level being to highest  level of conscious being through the knowledge and wisdom of ancient and modern sciences . Artist\ Creator is proposing a new theory – Unified Theory of Combined Sciences –UTCS. 


May the higher truth and the deepest protection be blessed upon us and lead our paths to liberate us from the eons of bondages of darkness.



Chapter 1-  Consciousness- questions to deal :

i . Consciousness – Singular or Dual in nature.

  1. Fundamental building block of Cosmos .
  • Causality loops – Law of action and
  1. Frequencies and
  2. Post-Humanism and Tran-humanism .


Chapter 2 – Panpsychism-question to deal

Is the life on earth transported from some other realm or are we the left behind second generation of higher civilization ?


Chapter 3 Time question to deal

Arrow of Time- Why the arrow of time always move from higher entropy to lower entropy?


Chapter 4 –Classical physics

Atoms Crystals Golden ratio

Fibonacci sequence

Geometrical codes and symbols


Chapter 4 Non physical elements; question to deal

When Everything physical around us is made up of non physical material like Atoms, Quacks and Strings then how do we perceive Reality of Nature ?


Chapter 5 Biology

  1. Fossils
  2. Flora Fauna
  • Topography
  1. Aquatic Species
  2. Non- Human Species
  3. Microbes and Diatoms
  • DNA


Chapter 5 Maps and Interplanetary highways


Chapter 6- Technology

  1. Teleportation
  2. Artificial Intelligence- AI
  • Computerization
  1. Matrix and Stimulated reality