D. Priyanka Bajaj is an Indian artist and a philosopher in Sciences. She is known for coining a term UTCS – Unified Theory of Combined Sciences. Born in 1978 in the family of philosopher and scientists, she developed her own philosophy on the grounds of Hard Problem of Consciousness, through her understanding of Ancient Indian Vedic Text and Quantum Physics. She did her BFA 2001 College Of Arts, New Delhi and MFA from College of Arts 2017 , New Delhi. Her works has been shown at Mdina Cathedral contemporary Art Biennale , Italy 2015 , Kochi students Biennale 2016 , Puna biennale 2017, India art Fair 2018, india India Art Fair 2020, ,Kunstlerhaus Frise, Hamburg 2020, Germany, The Space Gallery, San Francisco, 2021 , The Shrine Empire Gallery 2018, The Threshold Art Gallery, New Delhi, Latitude 28, New Delhi, Tao Art Gallery Mumbai , among many more.

She is trained under the India’s most distinguished and prolific artist A. Ramachandran, who moulded her philosophical thoughts into the artistic expression. After completing her Master’s degree in Fine Art in 2017, from College of Arts, New Delhi, she started her major project called the ‘Book of Lainika’. Here she combined the philosophy of Ancient Vedantsaara and the researches of Modern Science. Her observations are expressed in the form paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations and poetry. She is also constructing a new language for ‘Book of Lainika’ as she feel the existing known languages of the world cannot do justice to her newly found verisimilitude.

Priyanka lives and works in New Delhi.

Childhood and Other Influences

During her tender years, Priyanka was given exposure to the Indian philosophy  as well as  literatures of  the world. Her small library was full of  Greek mythological stories and Russian folk Tales which bore the seeds of imagination into her mind.. Carl Sagan’s ‘ Cosmos’  and Leo Tolstoy’s children books had strongly influenced her to think deeply about the origin life and  philosophical questions on the Universe. Later she was fascinated by the cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky which moved her much and she became sensitive towards the spirituality and its expressions. She has been very open about acknowledging  the difference between religion and spirituality and condemned any form of religion based society. During her MFA thesis,2017, she brought all these aspects together in the most  profound way and  wrote thesis on  Art, Science and Consciousness, for which she was awarded with research grant from HRD Minister of India . Her teacher and mentor, A. Ramachandran  taught her the importance of finding her own path to express herself in the individualistic  most way . According to her fellow students, Priyanka could easily flow between Andrei Tarkovsky, Carl Sagan and still remain rooted into her Indian philosophical expressions!

Coining a New Term

UTCS- Unified Theory of Combined Sciences

In 2020 Priyanka proposed to coin a new term Unified Theory Of Combined Sciences ,  a philosophy based on the principle of combining ancient Indian knowledge and the modern experiments done in the  field of Quantum Physics. Priyanka is trying to establish the relationship between the past, the  present and the future by building a bridge between their times and space.

During her observation, she found out  that both Ancient sciences and Modern sciences are talking about the same reality of  nature and fundamental building blocks of our lives. They both are mirroring each other by talking about the subtle energies, magnetic fields vibrations and the basic elements of the cosmos which are ever  prevailing, ever existing throughout the universe. According to her, the  only  difference between them is the difference of expression, where the former is poetic in its ways and the latter is fact based in their experiments. Priyanka claims that the Nature of Reality remains the same, whether it is coming from the  ancient or modern science. She can see the differences in language, epistemology and ontological studies but emphasises that the roots of Reality remains the same. Priyanka  is trying to find an answer to the age old question of  Consciousness and what is the purpose of our existence in this Cosmos through her researches. She believes that evolution of human Consciousness is possible through the understanding the primordial realities of our existence and today’s science has power to open those  portals  to us which can connect our past to our future!