Deep Future – Art, Science and Consciousness

Deep Future- 

Art, Science and Consciousness  

red microbes of higher consciousness-2

Watercolour, set of three,2x3feet ,2020

Deep future is all about  dismantling existing  depressive homogeneous temporalities and building  new timelines to develop and  synthesize  harmonious alternative realities. We are venturing towards the journey of inventing  new mental places of  experience and consciousness, new  evolution  is about to  be carved out from the torted shell of inaccuracy of the bygone era , new system is to be sculpted with new knowledge. Today’s technologies are  blurring  the boundaries of fiction and realities and collective approach of artist, curator, scientist, historian, philosopher, and narratives are expanding on their  levels of multi- discourses. In this day and age, humanity is unveiling the  secrets of  ever prevailing, ever existing fundamental realities of nature and  recognising  the hidden power of subtle energies. We are weaving  the threads of past, present and future in order to make a new fabrication of reality which can take us to the euphoric lands. Future is playing in the cradles of present. Now is the  time to evolve as an awakened conscious being. Time is calling upon Us , not as a species of this planet but as awakened  Consciousness of the Cosmos .

In  past all  ancient civilizations- Egyptian, Maya, Indian, Islamic or Christianity, had tried to harmonize themselves with the subtle  energies of Cosmos in some mystical ways but today Science allows us to harness those  energies through the power of  advanced technologies. We are opening the portals of higher dimensions, black holes, worm holes and multiverses. Deep future is looking at us as a pioneers of Cosmic citizens. The forefathers of  the New World who are  brave enough to leave the safe boundaries of limited Space and venture into the deep Time Zones . We are the Fore-bearers of  Deep Future  with the illuminated present, evolving as the cosmic species of higher  and deeper realities  with the power of  Science and Consciousness! Present is pregnant with the seed of future, is carrying the possibilities of impossibilities to give birth to the new matrix of realities .The Deepest Future is within us! Our Consciousness is that coded matrix which will dissolve Us, the sentient being, into the ever prevailing Existence! We are the way for the  future  creating itself. We are the way for the Cosmos to know itself ! We are the Deep Future! Evolution of consciousness from the lowest  level to the highest level will take humans into post- humanist era of  Cosmic Society which will bring equilibrium to the new world . Humanity will usher into a promising  era of illuminated trans-human consciousness that could see beyond cast, culture, race and religion and even known planetary system, tomorrow, Science will be new religion and  Cosmos will be  our new home.